Corporate governance


John Karavanić

CEO, Tankerska Next Generation d.d.

Mr John Karavanić graduated from the Faculty of Economics and Business in Zagreb in 1992. After graduation, he was employed with Tankerska plovidba as trainee in the Commercial Division. From 1993 – 1997 he was a senior officer in Tanker Division in Tankerska plovidba, and from 1997 -1999 Department Manager in Tanker Department in the Commercial Division. Between 1999 - 2004 he was a broker in Alan Shipping (a Tankerska plovidba subsidiary). He returned to Tankerska plovidba in 2004 to the position of Chartering Manager and Deputy Commercial Director within the company. Since 2014 he held a position of a Project Manager and Deputy Commercial Director in Tankerska plovidba. Since August 2014 he is the sole member of Management Board of Tankerska Next Generation.