Safety and environmental security

Safety and environmental security

Tankerska Next Generation considers the preservation and protection of the environment as a paramount mission, thus taking all necessary actions to guaranty its fulfilment.

The Policy of our fleet manager - Tankerska Plovidba is to ensure that all owned or managed ships are operated to comply with all necessary requirements to protect the Environment and in compliance with the existing International Conventions, Administration or other applicable Regulations.

It shall be accomplished through the implementation of the following:

  • Taking precautions to protect through the environment in which the Company’s ships operate.
  • High standards in operating and maintaining Company’s ships.
  • Responding to hazards quickly, efficiently and with the minimum possible impact to the environment and natural resources.
  • Commitment to continuous improvements in our environmental performance and pollution prevention across all our activities.
  • Correct treatment and handling of cargo products being transported, bunker and lubrication oils purchased, paints, chemicals, solvents, other consumables materials and in order to comply with statutory rules and regulations.
  • Assessing identified risks for possible environmental impacts originating from the various environmental aspects of shipping business.
  • Train crew to prevent accidental and whenever possible operational discharges of pollutants to the environment.

All shore based and shipboard personnel of Tankerska group are strictly required to adhere to this Policy by fully complying with all requirements of the Company as well as all applicable industry, administration, national and international regulations.