Mato Marlais - In memoriam

As time goes by, the memory of the late Mr. Mato Marlais will diminish among his few contemporaries, and with today's "next generation" of Tankerska Plovidba he will probably remain at a level of simple biographical and historical credentials. Today’s chroniclers are becoming scarce and thus the responsibility is intensifying.

Mr. Mato Marlais had the courage to relocate himself and his family in the 1950s to a then almost unknown maritime city. His selflessness and commitment to the company have made a major contribution to today's development and recognition.

He began his naval career as a cadet in Rijeka on the "Jugoslavenska Linijska Plovidba" in 1955 and then in the same year transferred to the Jugoslavenska Tankerska Plovidba (JTP or Tankerska Plovidba, as it is known today) where he completed his internship as a cadet. In 1956 he became the first officer of the Merchant Navy assigned by Tankerska Plovidba. He graduated from the Maritime School in Rijeka with high grades.

In 1959, he served as a second deck officer at JTP, and in 1961, Marlais became chief officer, presenting himself in his service as a person highly competent and capacious with the predispositions of a future naval expert, according to records from that time. According to Captain Ivan Marjanovic, who speaks of his character in an official review; "I do not have enough words of praise, the best testimony is that all crew members proposed him unanimously and as the first one when nominated for a company award ... to which I fully subscribe, because he really deserves it." Based on Mr. Ivan Paša’s company decree, Captain Marlais thus becomes the youngest deep-sea captain to take command of our vessels in JTP’s history.

In 1965, he moves to the commercial sector at the head office. Having demonstrated leadership in positions within the sector in the early 1970s while gaining valuable experience and contacts in the country and around the world, Jugotanker's founder, Managing Director, Mr. Paša appoints him as the acting director in October 1976 and becomes director of the commercial sector in early 1978.

He gained valuable experience as director 1981 at Alan Shipping, JTP's London office, until the end of 1986.

In 1995, Mato Marlais became Advisor to the Managing Director. A role that he practically performs until retirement.

Mr. Marlais retired on December 30, 1998, but in the aftermath, until his very final days, was gladly seen in the company of former and current Tankerska employees.


Mato Marlais - rest in peace.


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